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Václav Řeřicha

Associate Professor of the English language at Palacký University in Olomouc

The focus of his research and papers are contrastive Czech-English studies, intercultural communication and translation. Since 1989 he has given lectures at universities and colleges in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Slovakia, Austria, Luxembourg and the UK and published a popular series of Czech-English phrasebooks at Lexus Ltd., Glasgow, UK. Since 2015 he is the Director of Institute of Foreign Languages at Faculty of Education, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Petr Anténe

Assistant Professor

He teaches British and American literature and cultural studies. His research focuses on contemporary fiction, multicultural literature and the campus novel.

Blanka Babická (Deputy-Head of the Institute of Foreign Languages)

Assistant Professor

She is in charge of language practice courses at the department. Besides language practice, she also teaches language skills, English grammar and ELT methodology. In her work, she focuses on developing communicative language competences and has been in charge of two projects concentrating on the innovation of language practice and language skills courses at the department. Her recent academic interest involves the themes of developing sociolinguistic competence and politeness in coursebooks of English.

Linda Chmelařová

Assistant Professor

Primarily, she deals with organizing English language courses for non-linguists in the Faculty of Education, i.e. students not majoring in Teaching English as a foreign language. Her research focuses on improving future lower secondary teachers’ language competencies and their language needs analysis. She also teaches Language practice for primary students.

Ondřej Duda

Assistant Professor

He teaches sociolinguistics, language practice, language skills and culture and history courses. In his work, he focuses on developing professional competences of English teachers. His recent academic interest involves the themes of developing sociolinguistic competence of future teachers of English. He has participated in ERASMUS+ projects GuLL, LEEN and VOICES.

Andrea Hoffmannová

Assistant Professor

She is a Fulbright Alumni. She teaches American literature and American and British Drama. Her research concentrates on contemporary British and American drama as well as contemporary ethnic and women writing, with the focus on the questions of identity, diaspora and interculturality. She has recently published monography on in-yer-face drama.

Jana Kořínková (Coordinator for Erasmus+)

Assistant Professor

Regarding linguistic disciplines she mainly teaches phonetics and phonology and Introduction to linguistics.  She primarily focuses on teaching Language Practice disciplines such as writing, speaking, grammar practice and pronunciation. She is responsible for student and teacher mobility within Erasmus+ programme.

Josef Nevařil

Assistant Professor

He is in charge of sociolinguistics and ELT methodology courses for pre-service as well as in-service teachers of English. Additionally, he teaches language practice courses and an optional Film and literature course. In his academic work he concentrates on the topics of developing sociolinguistic competence and politeness conventions in EFL teaching materials.

Světlana Obenausová


She is a member of the English department since 1995. She has taught linguistic subjects (Lexicology) as well as cultural and historical subjects (History, Cultural studies, Art and architecture, English speaking countries, and many more). She has been teaching ICT for ELT not only at the University, but also in online international courses.

Ruth Valentová


She specializes in the area of teaching English to students of primary education. She holds a doctorate  in pedagogy with a focus on modern technologies in English language teaching. For a number of years she has been teaching English language classes of life-long education programmes and taking part in seminars organized by Oxford University Press. She is a member of the examination board for English in the PhD programmes in special education, music and art.